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IC Real Tech Publicly Launches ALLie Camera as the First 360-Degree Everyday Use Camera
IC Real Tech appoints photography and video industry veteran Mark Sherengo VP of sales and marketing for its ALLie Camera subsidiary

MIAMI and LAS VEGAS, April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- (NAB Show) – IC Real Tech announced the hard launch of its new ALLie Camera, the world's only 360-degree everyday use camera with 24/7 viewing, recording, live streaming, still-capturing, social sharing and virtual reality (VR) viewing capabilities – allowing users to see it all, all the time, no matter where they are.

The ALLie Camera ensures consumers never miss any of life's most precious moments, whether they're home or not. Users simply plug in the device, open the ALLie app (iOS and Android) and swipe, zoom and pan on their phone or tablet to see what's going on and essentially be there when they're not. Unlike most cameras or home monitors that simply pan back and forth or up and down while showing a partial or fuzzy vantage point of a room, ALLie spurs a new breed of everyday use camera that ensures users get the full, quality picture with no blind spots, and complete control over what they view. They can even view with the included VR headset for a fully immersive experience.

The ALLie Camera not only provides peace-of-mind for those who want to see what's going on at home – it's also an ideal solution for video bloggers, sports arenas, music venues and others who want to give their fans or viewers complete freedom for how they see an event, allowing them to be there like never before. ALLie Camera enables users to bring moments to life including:

  • Live streaming important events like birthday parties, graduations, weddings and more so remote family and friends across the globe can feel like they are actually there and even talk via the two-way microphone.
  • Live streaming sports games, concerts and other events opening attractions to a worldwide audience in real-time or replay like never before.
  • Video bloggers streaming commentary and events to their fans and followers in 360-degrees so they too feel like they are there with 4K resolution clarity.
  • Never missing family moments like baby's first steps by always having the cameras rolling 24/7 with the ability to capture and store special moments for viewing or sharing socially later.
  • Seeing what the dog or cat is getting into at home or at the kennel – even if they move out of a typical camera's field of view.
  • Keeping an eye on elderly family members living at home or in a nursing home to give peace-of-mind.

"In this age of always-on connectivity, everyone wants 24/7 access to what's important to them, whether it's that birthday party you can't bear to miss, or a baby's first steps that you want to capture forever," said Dmitry Kozko, President of ALLie. "We worked hard to make the new ALLie Camera ideal for everyday use to fit any event or life milestone. And, the ability to capture a full, 360-degree view and completely control the way you see any special moment makes ALLie the most immersive way to make sure you never miss a thing."

In addition to the ALLie Camera launch, IC Real Tech announced that it has selected longtime industry veteran Mark Sherengo as VP of sales and marketing. Sherengo will lead sales and marketing for ALLie along will the company's distribution and business development initiatives to drive its leadership in the 360-degree technology space.

Sherengo comes to ALLie with over 20 years of executive experience with leading global photography and video companies like Ricoh, Pentax, Fuji and others. At Ricoh, he was director of sales and helped the company introduce the first ever 360 camera, Theta, to market. Prior to Ricoh, he spent 15 years in roles as director of sales and marketing for both Pentax and Fuji. Before that, he was a professional photographer and helped run the photo lab business for the NFL for more than a decade.

"In my experience as a professional photographer and working for decades across the photography and video hardware spaces, the one theme that's always resurfaced for both consumers and professionals has been the need to be ready to capture memories at any moment. ALLie Camera wins the innovation race when it comes to taking the 360-degree camera and making it an always on, everyday use camera so users never have to worry about missing a single thing," said Sherengo.

If attending NAB, come by our booth at C3361DPMR for a demo. For more information on ALLie Camera, and to order, visit www.Allie.Camera. The ALLie app is available on iOS via the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android. You can follow ALLie on Facebook and Twitter.

About ALLie:  
ALLie is a leading immersive experience technology company. The company makes the 360° ALLie Camera and accompanying mobile apps and VR headset that allows consumers to see it ALL and be there when they're not – in real-time or recorded. ALLie's everyday use products are patented and aim to provide users peace-of-mind around life events as well as baby, pet, elderly or home care, while ensuring they never miss any of life's most precious moments. The company is a subsidiary of IC Real Tech and based in Miami, FL. For more information go to


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