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NAB 2019: FreeCast "Channelize and Monetize" Solution Injects Revenue into Existing Content Libraries
Decades' worth of contents present an untapped opportunity for TV studios and legacy content owners

LAS VEGAS, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As the National Association of Broadcasters' Show kicks off in Las Vegas, FreeCast CEO William Mobley will be meeting with content owners and TV network executives about the company's latest plans to "Channelize and Monetize" a wealth of content that's not currently available digitally to consumers, and thus not currently producing revenue for its owners.

FreeCast is currently working to help major networks and media brands monetize their back catalogs of content by creating digital television channels that can be delivered at low cost and large scale via the internet. Paired with the most sophisticated form of advertising available, Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), this allows content that may not be viable behind a subscription paywall to generate revenue.

As one of the world's first media aggregation platforms, FreeCast has a long track record of creating digital channels and driving an increasingly elusive online audience towards content. And even as more media and tech companies turn towards aggregation as a solution, FreeCast remains the perhaps the only neutral, agnostic provider of cutting-edge web television distribution and monetization tools, available to all content owners larger and small.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained the opportunity that his company is bringing to the NAB Show and its attendees: "The fact of the matter is there's decades' worth of great content out there, including in syndication, that remain an untapped gold mine. We know consumers still watch or even binge content that may be a few years old, and money's being left on the table when it's not available anywhere online for them to do so. At NAB 2019 we have a full schedule of meetings with content owners, producers, and distributors to simply help them realize a profit from an asset that otherwise wouldn't be generating a dime."

Mobley will discuss FreeCast's latest initiative with TV executives at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, but encourages any company interested in having their content library "channelized and monetized" to reach out to FreeCast and explore the options.

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