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New Cattura Software Takes Multi-Source Streaming to the Next Level

SAN ANTONIO, April 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cattura Video will release Version 5 of their CaptureCast software in April. CaptureCast V5 brings a tremendous boost to the world of multi-source recording and live streaming.

While recording as many as six discrete video inputs, CaptureCast streams high fidelity content to YouTube, Kaltura, Panopto, Wowza, Ustream, and more. In simulation and lecture capture scenarios, the HLS and DASH support for live monitoring is crisp and allows for precise coaching and feedback loops. The new live streaming update supports 1080p/60fps at bit rates up to 20Mb, and lower CPU and memory footprint helps the hardware to run at optimal efficiency.

V5 also represents a milestone for Cattura as they pioneer the leap from multi-source to multi-room recording. Three distinct spaces can now be recorded, encoded, and streamed on a single hardware appliance. These drastic improvements to hardware efficiency could be a watershed for making high caliber recording and streaming solutions accessible to a broader audience.

Justin McCutcheon, the founder of Cattura, noted, "The new CaptureCast software brings much-needed innovation to the recording and live streaming field. Smoothly pulling discrete content from multiple rooms opens up so many new possibilities."

Along with multi-room recording and streaming enhancements, CaptureCast V5 boasts several other improvements. A two-click software updater, a streamlined interface, metadata enrichment, tightly integrated scheduling, and an upgraded API. Just to name a few.

McCutcheon added, "We're excited about the potential of creative recording and live streaming solutions using the new software. Several small tweaks have improved efficiency and usability, and the major updates make it possible for universities, hospitals, and other AV environments to address previously unmet needs."

Cattura is also releasing a WiFi-enabled, mobile recorder to round out their suite of video capture hardware. The CaptureCast Go is a flexible video solution for fast-paced, unpredictable environments.

Cattura is unveiling aspects of CaptureCast V5 and showing the new Go recorder at NAB Show 2018.  Swing by Booth C9515 to ask questions and learn about a new portable, recording solution with Vaddio.

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